Spotlight on Alaska Books: Solutions, by Lynne Curry, Ph.D

“When you think of her, you call
her the spider. If she’s a he, you call him a royal pain. She or he, the person
who pushes every one of your buttons, irritates you until you feel off balance
or even explode.
Nasty people. While nice people
definitely outnumber the nastier, nearly every good-sized organization has one
or two individuals who ruin their coworkers’ days. If you’d like a strategy for
successfully dealing with spiders and pains without losing your positive mental
attitude, train yourself to avoid the “energy match” phenomenon.  
“Energy match” describes the phenomenon
in which one person picks up on another person’s emotions. Consider what
happens to you after you spend an hour dealing with a series of frustrated,
angry individuals. By the end of the hour, you probably felt frustrated
yourself.” (Solutions, by Lynne Curry, Ph.D)

of you have read Lynne Curry’s “dear Abby of the workplace” column in the
Anchorage Daily News for years. She’s recently republished,
Solutions, a collection of sixty of the
best of the ADN’s and the Alaska Business Monthly columns from three decades.
Solutions offers real-life workplace dramas, some of which might springboard your
creative instincts for characters or situations for your writing.
Written by a successful management
consultant and coach, Solutions
offers you your personal workplace 411/911 written in Curry’s warm, personal,
enlightening and fun style. And haven’t we all
experienced the Darth Vader co-worker, the Scrooge employer,
and the two-faced employee?

Curry’s book serves as a convenient manual in
which you can look up a specific problem, and obtain professional advice on how
to handle it, for a fraction of the cost of hiring your own management
consultant. There is useful advice on writing, remembering names, time and
stress management, career development and supervising challenging employees.
Curry has a direct, easy-to-read style, and each issue is dealt with in short,
one to two page well-indexed segments. This book is a great reference.

helped me grow both personally and professionally. I learned how to improve my
memory skills, overcome writer’s block, and handle criticism.
Solutions is full of strategies for
overcoming challenges faced in the workplace, but above and beyond the
strategies is a subtle ‘push’ to do better and grow!”
  Stephanie Dufek

you are an employee or an employer, this book will resonate. Unless you have
been living under a rock, you have already been exposed to many of these
problems that cause conflicts at work, resulting in stress and lost
productivity, and negatively affecting health and happiness.”  Trevor Bremner

Dr. Lynne
has been a resident of Alaska since 1972
and is a member of 49 Writers.  She
has been
exceeding client expectations since
1978 as the President of The Growth
Company, Inc., a consulting, training,
human resources
and organizational strategy firm.
Curry has provided more
than 55,000 consulting
projects to
than 3,700 organizations worldwide. 
Her clients attest to
her professionalism and
resultsorientation. In
to her
doctorate, Curry has
a Senior Professional in
certificate. Solutions was published by Publication Consultants and is
available in a Kindle edition as well as in paperback. Solutions can be
purchased locally at and from Amazon

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