Spotlight on Alaska Books: Winds of Skilak, by Bonnie Rose Ward

do you mean you put the house up for sale?”
set down his briefcase. “I listed it with the realtors.” He turned to me with
his brightest smile. “I handed in my resignation today.”
mouth gaped open. I stared at my husband as if he’d grown a second head.
I could articulate a response, he grabbed me in his arms and twirled me around.
“We’re going to Alaska, Bonnie. We’re going to Alaska.”
of Skilak: A Tale of True Grit, True Love and Survival in the Alaskan
by Bonnie Rose Ward)

of Skilak
a young couple’s adventurous move from the suburbs of Ohio to a remote island
on ill-tempered Skilak Lake. As Sam and Bonnie adapt to a life without running
water, electricity and telephones, the unforgiving, desolate environment tests
their courage early on. Facing sub-freezing temperatures, unfriendly bears, and
cabin fever, the Wards find strength in new friends, each other, and the
awe-inspiring beauty of “the last frontier.” Just when they finally settle in,
a freak accident proves to be the ultimate test of their resolve. Will they be
able to survive in this isolated wilderness filled with unseen dangers?

Author Bonnie Ward chronicles an
exciting and thought-provoking tale of one couple’s faith in God and dedication
to each other through all of Alaska’s curveballs. Winds of Skilak is a true tale of absorbing force, sure to bring
out your own sense of adventure.

“If one
is looking to understand the true day-in and day-out routine of being in
isolation, then this is a must-read. Bonnie describes life in the Alaskan
wilderness beautifully and honestly as she and Sam bravely face all the
challenges, adventures, and hard work it takes to succeed in this dangerous far
is a breezy book to read [with] short chapters that finish before you are ready
to let go of one adventure and begin another. . . [Winds of Skilak] leaves you wanting more, and by the book’s end
you are rooting for this couple and their dreams.” –CORA HOLMES, AUTHOR OF
After fifteen years
as a “wilderness wife” in Alaska, Bonnie Ward now resides with her husband on
their farm in central West Virginia. They still maintain a self-sufficient
lifestyle, raising goats, chickens, and other barnyard animals, with four dogs
and a peacock named George rounding out the menagerie. Bonnie enjoys canning
vegetables from the huge gardens sowed by her husband with heirloom
open-pollinated seeds, and in her “spare” time, she continues to write her
memoirs of the Alaskan wilderness. WINDS OF SKILAK will be published by Two
Harbors Press on December 31, 2013. It is available now in paperback on
author’s website:  

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