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JT Torres: Performance Research

 The banner of “Secrets Under the Skin,” from Dr. Jill Flanders Crosby’s/University of Alaska’s .edu page.  Jill found me. This is an important distinction to make, she often reminds me. She’d read my MFA thesis, a novel about my grandmother’s life in Cuba—a life filled with spirits and ambiguous religious convictions. When she found me, …

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Nick Jans: Excerpt from the Prologue, A Wolf Called Romeo

“Are you sure about this?” my wife, Sherrie, breathed. She glanced over her shoulder toward the comforting glow of our house on the lake shore, then gazed ahead, where a black wolf stood on the ice in the gathering twilight. Bundled against the Southeast Alaska cold, we’d taken along just one of our three dogs—our …

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Caroline Goodwin: Wintergreen

In Charles Baxter’s book The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot, he claims that “Between staging and subtexts a bewildering relationship seems to exist. Writers must often use a staggering amount of surface bric-a-brac to suggest an indistinct presence underneath that surface. The stronger the presence of the unspoken and the unseen, the more gratuitous details …

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Carolyn Kremers: The Non-Conforming House – Part 3

I did not intend to devote this third installment of “The Non-Conforming House” to a single night-dream of mine—so I won’t, for fear you won’t understand.  Instead, I’ll begin with a brief comment on my creative process and some background about Carl Jung. True to my resolution to treat this blogging opportunity as an extended/extending …

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