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JT Torres: Performance Research

 The banner of “Secrets Under the Skin,” from Dr. Jill Flanders Crosby’s/University of Alaska’s .edu page.  Jill found me. This is an important distinction to make, she often reminds me. She’d read my MFA thesis, a novel about my grandmother’s life in Cuba—a life filled with spirits and ambiguous religious convictions. When she found me, […]

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Caroline Goodwin: Wintergreen

In Charles Baxter’s book The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot, he claims that “Between staging and subtexts a bewildering relationship seems to exist. Writers must often use a staggering amount of surface bric-a-brac to suggest an indistinct presence underneath that surface. The stronger the presence of the unspoken and the unseen, the more gratuitous details

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Carolyn Kremers: The Non-Conforming House – Part 3

I did not intend to devote this third installment of “The Non-Conforming House” to a single night-dream of mine—so I won’t, for fear you won’t understand.  Instead, I’ll begin with a brief comment on my creative process and some background about Carl Jung. True to my resolution to treat this blogging opportunity as an extended/extending

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