Andromeda: The Agent Game

We’ve all been in writing classes or conferences where some brash, garrulous novice insists on putting the cart before the horse. Let’s call him Bob. Bob has spit out one or several or a dozen unrevised manuscripts, and may be talking about a series, and maybe even a movie spin-off, before he has learned how […]

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Andromeda: Foreign Rights-One Part of the Changing Book Market

Eowyn’s Ivey The Snow Child and Andromeda Romano-Lax’s The Spanish Bow: Alaska books that have found their way into foreign markets. Why might I need an agent? Because the book market becomes more complicated every day, and various rights—from electronic to foreign—need to be handled with care. I’ll be teaching a three-hour clinic, called “Agents:

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Deb: On Agents

I’ve been thinking a lot about agents lately. After nine published books, I’ve decided I need one. Backstory: I’ve had two agents before, but neither placed any of my work. Like much I’ve done with my writing (caution: don’t try this at home), I acquired my first agent without putting much thought into it. My

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Agent Advice: The Epilogue

And now, we need to talk about … when agents are wrong. It happens. And we all love those stories about the novel that almost went into the Dumpster, only to be retrieved at the last minute by some prescient spouse (like Stephen King’s wife, who supposedly saved CARRIE) or editor (like the one who

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