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49 Writers Weekly Round-Up

Have you weighed in on the MFA question this week? We’d love to hear from writers who’ve earned MFAs, who are working on MFAs, or who are wondering if they should pursue MFAs. Another popular post this week was part two of featured author Ken Waldman’s “In Defense of Self-Promotion.” Ken’s post along with Mark […]

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49 Writers weekly round-up

How far can writers ride the coattails of our illustrious former governor? Perhaps quite a ways, which is some small justice in the face of Palin’s gigantic advance. First, Going Rouge: An American Nightmare, launching the same day as Palin’s Going Rogue. Edited by two Nation staffers, Going Rouge is a collection of 23 essays

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49 writers weekly round-up

This week’s demand from one of my publishers that I do final author proofs on a full-length manuscript in less than 48 hours BEFORE any proofreaders touched it made me more than a little cranky. Then I heard talk of another Alaskan potentially becoming an author. Normally that would lift my spirits, but instead it

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