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49 Writers weekly round-up

There’s still time to pick up a copy of Cindy Dyson’s And She Was so you can participate in our online book club discussion September 28 and 29. We’ll be running an interview with Dyson next week. And speaking of interviews, we’ve got plenty of good ones coming up: Bill Streever, author of Cold; Mattox […]

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49 writers weekly round-up

Is there any such thing as too much sunshine? Well, maybe if you factor in wildfires and smoky haze. But I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as too much literary activity, especially if it affords an opportunity for an informal 49 writers meet-up as we’ll have Monday, July 20, at 9:45 p.m. (or 10

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If you liked Ordinary Wolves…

First, our thanks to all who weighed in with insights, comments, and questions during our book club discussion of Seth Kantner’s Ordinary Wolves. I’ve come away enriched, and I love knowing that readers can keep returning to ponder these threads in our archives. A couple of great Alaskan titles came up during our discussion. Today

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A matter of blurbs

Blurbs sell books. I suppose that seems obvious, but early in my writing career, I thought publishers sold books. Period. So although I met some great writers in my genre right after my first novel came out, I never thought of asking them to blurb my second book. Neither, apparently, did my publisher. Hindsight being

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