Writing the Distance: Liz O’Connell

The Covid 19 pandemic is isolating Alaskan writers. We can no longer attend workshops or public readings. The coffee bars where we met with other writers are closed. To bridge these physical gaps, 49 Writers is providing this on-line forum for Alaskans writing the distance. Today’s poem and photograph are provided by Liz O’Connell.


Eyes cautious, somber
Hold strong invisible health
Oh, screen unseen virus.

Separation six
Room for others, provokes thought
Humans care for life.

Alone? not really.
Collective understanding
City life reimagined.

Open, Is it safe?
Economy rules for who?
Money or death choice?

Be kind to yourself.
How important is each day?
Stop, smell your fingers.

Then notice….

Brown branches dancing
Wind makes them cry, contort, bend.
Today green silence.

Liz O’Connell, a muti-media artist, lives in Anchorage, wrote two children’s books and authored/edited hundreds of Arctic science videos found on www.FrontierScientists.com.

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