4.9 things writing teaches: a guest post by Ann Chandonnet

Ann Chandonnet spent the prime of her life in Alaska (1965-66, 1973-2006) and now lives, gardens and writes in North Carolina where the locals call insignificant pimples on the landscape (600 feet for crying out loud) “mountains.”

1. Keep your day job.

2. Don’t expect the editors of little magazines to be grateful that your vocabulary is larger than theirs. But don’t alter your word choices just because they object.

3. Even the best-meaning and best-educated editors will create errors (my favorite from Gold Rush Grub being “Louis and Clark”) at the rate of approximately one for every 8.7 errors they find and correct–or ask you to research and correct.

4. Keep notes of good ideas.

4.9. Your dreams deserve respect because they are unique.

2 thoughts on “4.9 things writing teaches: a guest post by Ann Chandonnet”

  1. Ann,
    We are still in the house we bought from you. We still love it here by the lake!
    I’d love to hear what you are doing these days. I tried to find you several months ago after you wrote that powerful letter to the editor, if for no other reason to tell you how wonderful it was. Please email me if you get a chance. Thanks!

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