Writing to Distance: Rodger Carlyle

The Covid 19 pandemic is isolating Alaskan writers. We can no longer attend workshops or public readings. The coffee bars where we met with other writers are closed. To bridge these physical gaps, 49 Writers is providing this on-line forum for Alaskans writing the distance. Today, Rodger Carlyle provides reflection and a photograph.


By Rodger Carlyle

“Madge, did you see the President’s tweets on this HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE stuff?”

“Archie, I don’t pay any attention to what that lying…”

“Now Madge, we agreed that we wouldn’t talk politics until this pandemic is over.”

“Okay, Archie, but what good has he done for us?

“Maybe this CHLOROQUINE stuff can help us through this crisis.”

“Do you really believe that nonsense, that some ancient malaria medicine works on this C-19 virus?”

“I don’t know for sure, Madge, but I’ve been researching this stuff. It’s based on Quinine you know.”

“Like I said, some ancient malarial remedy. I wouldn’t trust my life on something like that. Especially if Trump recommended it.”

“Still, Dear, This quinine might help us get through this.”

“You’re just one of those MAGA men. Don’t expect me to buy into that nonsense.”

“Okay, Madge, I guess you don’t want this Gin and Tonic then.”


Rodger is a writer and businessman. He has been writing for fifteen years, mostly as a ghost writer for politicians and collaborating with other writers on adventure series and thrillers.

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