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On the Active Voice: Writers Respond Podcast writers and artists discuss their work and the role of storytellers in these challenging and changing times with host and producer Katie Bausler.   

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AVP 20: Tommy Orange, Author, “There, There”

Tommy Orange on his commended debut novel “There, There”, which tells the intertwining stories of Native Americans en route to a pow wow in Orange’s …

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AVP 19: Linnea Lentfer, Author, “Hold the Tide”

Linnea Lentfer reads passages from and discusses her debut novel. “Hold the Tide” is told by a young girl who like Lentfer, is raised hunting …

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AVP 18: Bonnie Proudfoot, Author, “Goshen Road”

Ohio author Bonnie Proudfoot discusses and reads passages from her debut novel with Active Voice host and producer Katie Bausler. Goshen Road is told through …

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AVP 17: Erin Heist, Singer-Songwriter on her debut EP, “Another Rainy Day”

“Last year felt like we were all going through a bunch of rainy days,” Erin Heist told Active Voice host Katie Bausler. When the pandemic …

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AVP 16: Emily Wall, Poet and Professor of English and Creative Writing

Emily Wall is a poet and professor of English and Creative writing at the University of Alaska Southeast. Our conversation was recorded on a mild …

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AVP 15: Kathryn H. Ross, Writer, Author of “Black Was Not a Label”

Kathryn H. Ross on her journey confronting racism as a young, black woman after a relatively discrimination-free childhood, and her debut essay and poetry collection, …

AVP 14: Vered Mares, Writers Block Bookstore and Cafe’

In 2018, Vered Mares and partners opened the Writer’s Block bookstore and café’ in Anchorage, Alaska. It quickly became a vital gathering space for writers …

AVP 13: Bathsheba DeMuth, Environmental Historian

Environmental Historian and author Bathsheba DeMuth explores the past to better understand the present. As the COVID-19 pandemic settles in for the foreseeable future, the …

AVP 12: Jackie Venson, Songwriter and Guitar Ripper

Tired of division, strife and the feeling that half the country just doesn’t get it? Want more joy in your life? In the world? Then …

AVP 11: Susan Orlean

Susan Orlean is best known for her books The Orchid Thief, Saturday Night, Rin Tin Tin, and most recently, The Library Book, published in October, …

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Guest Blogger Kathleen Witkowska Tarr | Writing Toward a Twenty-First Century Counterculture

Merton’s coming to Alaska in that beast of a year, the “year of everything horrible” as he referred to it, is a little-known, under-told story. The publication of my book, We Are All Poets Here, coincides with the 50th anniversary of Merton’s Alaska journey, which also happens to be the 50th anniversary of his death. Alaska was one of the last places on earth he saw.

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