The Alaska Sisters in Crime have much to celebrate. On Monday, October 13, the group will receive the 2007 Alaska Contributions to Literacy Award for the outstanding work they’ve done promoting literacy in our state. Also on hand will be Scottish author Donna Moore, AKSinC’s 2008 Author to the Bush, who’ll do a short presentation on her work with students in Aniak. AKSinC invites you to join them for refreshments, door prizes, live music, and special guests, starting at 6 p.m. at the BP Energy Center. Be sure to RSVP by Friday, October 10, to

Another Palin book is crashing to market. Assembled in a week by the folks at Collins (don’t we all wish we could produce a book that fast?), Terminatrix: The Sarah Palin Chronicles will feature satire and digitally altered photographs ostensibly gathered by the Wasilla Iron Dog Gazette. They say even negative publicity is good publicity, but is anyone else doubting the rhetoric that the Palin candidacy is good for Alaska?

Google Previews, coming soon to your favorite websites, will allow readers to preview up to 20 percent of a book. I’ve been reading Andrew Keen’s Cult of the Amateur, a timely analysis of the effect of the internet on our culture, and will have more to say on that next week.

Seems we may have to clone Mr. Whitekeys. No sooner had my friend invited me to his political show built around next Thursday’s VP debates, and we learn the Whitekeys event is sold out. Stay tuned. After McCain proposed canceling his debate with Obama tonight and conveniently bumping the VP debate to reschedule it, anything could happen. Joe Biden could be left standing on an empty stage like Obama almost was, and we’d have to send Mr. Whitekeys as a Sarah stand-in.

Given our governor’s stellar performance with Katie Couric this week (answer to why Alaska’s proximity to Russia counts as foreign policy experience: “it’s funny that a comment like that was kinda made to…charac…you know…reporters”), McCain must want to cancel her debate out of fear she’ll upstage him. I’m sure glad I heard the Couric interview, because I discovered I’ve been asleep at the wheel these last 29 years. Turns out – according to Sarah – Russia has been buzzing all over our airspace and none of us knew it. Dang Russkies. But rest easy – “we’ve” been keeping a watchful eye on them.

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