The Alaska Book guest-blog contest — enter today

Readers and writers, I need you!

Until Sunday, I’m running a contest that is amazingly easy to enter (and maybe easy to win). But it’s not really about that prize, it’s about telling other people about great Alaska books. And it won’t take you very long to do.

I’m asking readers to submit a short blog-post about an Alaska book that had special meaning. Tell an anecdote or story of about 200 to 1000 words about a book that inspired you, helped you, or had some other special meaning. And really — in some cases, shorter is better! Don’t be intimidated to enter because you don’t have time to write a long essay. Just share a memory, a thought, and your heartfelt reactions to a book.

By submitting the story to me by email at you agree it can be posted here. I will choose a winning post that will receive TWO Title Wave gift certificates ($40 value) and I plan to post runner-up entries to inspire readers to seek out more Alaska books. Can kids enter? Yes, as long as the adult submits the entry for them. I will also choose an additional entry written by someone 16 or under to win a single $20 gift certificate, so specify in your email if it is a child’s entry. Stories accepted through 9/28 with selection announced 9/29.

4 thoughts on “The Alaska Book guest-blog contest — enter today”

  1. Kay says “hooray” and is delighted to be a winner! Didn’t think about it when I was commenting…glad today.

  2. Yes, and the odds of winning these contests are pretty darn good: last week the odd was about 1 in 15, for the writing contest (describe a meaningful Alaska book moment) they might be even better odds, depending on how many people are willing to flex their writing muscles. So come on, win some free books and help spread the word that we are proud of Alaska literature!

  3. Is this where I enter your contest with the blog about an Alaskan book? If so, my entry is: “Race Across Alaska: First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story” by Libby Riddles. Libby Riddles was a guest speaker on our Princess cruise to Alaska this past July. She was an excellent speaker and inspiration. I have an autographed copy of this book in my possession now.
    On March 20, 1985 Libby Riddles won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, the first woman to do so. After winning the race, she wrote three books about her adventure and also became a professional speaker. In this book, she wrote of the grueling schedule and hardships she and the dogs endured to win this race, the braveness of the amazing sled dogs, and her love of adventure and competition. Libby came in first against all odds. When she reached the Shaktoolik checkpoint she was in first and a howling windstorm was building. The person who was right behind her said something like “You’re crazy! If it’s anything like what I just came out of, it’s impossible!”. That made up Libby’s mind, she headed out immediately. And the rest is history. After reading what she went through to win, she is truly an inspiration.
    I also have an autographed copy of her children’s book, “Danger: The Dog Yard Cat”. It is a wonderful book for children. It is funny and well written, and will hopefully get some kids interested in the Iditarod and in Alaska itself.

  4. Thanks Carolsue, I’m so glad you wrote. However, I may move your comment off the post, because I want to collect them offline until the contest is done. To future entrants: please email me at with your anecdotes/stories.

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