What do book bloggers do all day? Former Alaskan (but still with Alaskan connections) book blogger and reviewer Colleen Mondor posts an enlightening explanation at Chasing Ray . Don’t get any ideas – my day is not at all like hers.

When I posted yesterday on style vs. substance, I pointed to Sarah Palin’s convoluted response concerning Supreme Court decisions (other than Roe v. Wade) with which she disagreed. While you’re at Chasing Ray, check out Colleen’s post on how Sarah missed the obvious as she stumbled over herself to not answer: the recent Supreme Court decision concerned the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

In June, Sarah made a rather eloquent official response deriding the court’s Exxon Valdez decision, yet now she can’t even recall she disagreed with it. More evidence that, sadly, the Alaskan leader most of us used to sort of like is just the propped-up, say-whatever-they-tell-me-to gal we saw last night. And don’t even get me started on how she can’t name one single publication she actually read to enlighten herself while all you rich kids were out there seeing the world.

I do appreciate that Sarah occasionally makes us think. As part of her non-response to the question of what she read, she also said that “Alaska is like a microcosm of America.” A longtime Alaskan told me after last night’s debate that Alaska is a northern version of the American South. I’ve never thought of us in either way, but I’m interested in what the rest of you think.

Finally, don’t miss Andromeda Romano-Lax’s interview with the author who opted out of writing Palin’s biography.


  1. Very much enjoyed the comments on “Amateurs.”

    Right on the point.

    Good you could high lite the issue as it seems to play a larger and larger part in our world.

  2. Thanks for reading. If you get a chance to pick up Keen’s book, it’s well worth a read as well. I hope to post some other thoughts from it next week.

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