Anchorage Members: Meet Literary Agent Jeff Kleinman

Literary agent Jeff Kleinman

 You may have heard how Alaska author Eowyn Ivey met her literary agent, Jeff Kleinman, right here in Alaska at the Kachemak Bay Writers
Conference. How her book wasn’t really ready, but she pitched it anyway. How
she had to enlist her husband’s help in getting her partial draft from
Chickaloon to Homer, where after reading the pages she sent, Jeff signed her on
the spot.
A fairy tale story for a fairy tale book, The Snow Child, that once published
became a Pulitzer finalist. And it all happened right here in Alaska, thousands
of miles from New York.
Could it happen to you?
On Tuesday, July 14, Eowyn’s agent Jeff Kleinman will be
back in Alaska, thanks to the UAA MFA Program, which is bringing him here as part of their residency. In addition to his work with MFA students, Jeff asked if 49 Writers could arrange for him to meet with local
writers in an informal setting. Free of charge, he’s offering a fast-paced,
fun, and educational session called “Buy This Book!” for 49 Writers members. If you’ve ever wanted the
inside scoop on New York publishing, this is your chance. Jeff will not only
explain how publishing works, but more importantly, he’ll help you to view your
work dispassionately, from the eyes of an editor or agent.
While not a pitch session, this special 49 Writers salon is
a great opportunity to interact with a prominent literary agent who has a
special interest in Alaska writers. Over snacks and drinks, Jeff would love to
entertain your suggestions of what he and his family should do and see while in
our great state. And if you happen to have a manuscript with Pulitzer potential
in the works, he might like to hear about that too.
We’re excited to share this opportunity with our Anchorage
members, with apologies that Jeff’s schedule doesn’t allow for us to tour him
around the state. If you’re a current member, you should have received an emailed
invitation to this special salon from our Salon Coordinator extraordinaire,
Celeste Barrett. For details, including the address of the event, you’ll need
to RSVP.
If you’re not a 49 Writers member or if your membership has
lapsed, there’s still time to (re)join. But don’t delay—there’s limited seating.
Hope to see you there, and many thanks to David Stevenson and the UAA MFA Program for sharing Jeff with us while he’s here.
Co-founder of 49 Writers and founder of the
independent authors cooperative Running Fox Books, Deb
 has authored sixteen
books. Her most recent are Write
Your Best Book
, a practical guide to writing books that rise above the
rest; What
Every Author Should Know
, a comprehensive guide to book publishing and
promotion; and Cold
, a novel that
“captures the harsh beauty of the terrain as
well as the strain of self-doubt and complicated family bonds,” according to
lives and works on Hiland Mountain outside of Anchorage, Alaska, and at a cabin near the
Matanuska Glacier.

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  1. Vicki K. Jameson

    Hello, I’m a graduate of Hollywood Film Institute and have been a screenwriting instructor for 10 years. I’ve got a script loosely based on a true event, that takes place in and around Manley Hot Springs, AK.

    The story, “Micah’s Joy,” is a family action-adventure. Micah is a deaf-mute 9 year old, on vacation with her folks. Unfortunately, while fishing in a raft with her dad on the Tanana River, the raft flips and she’s whisked from his grasp. Does she survive Alaska’s wild terrain? – Wouldn’t you like to know?

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