Andromeda: Calling new 2011 Featured Authors

It’s my absolute favorite part of this blog: the featured author posts that help us make sure this corner of the internet remains a truly community-wide gathering of writers, readers, and book-lovers.

I love hearing how other writers are finding their way, mastering the craft, facing self-doubt or other life challenges, getting published and promoting their work. Everyone has their own take on guest-blogging.

I still remember Cinthia Ritchie’s post about buying lots of different pairs of eyeglasses (cheap and online!) to help her slip into various writing personas.

I’ve gone back more than once to re-read Marybeth Holleman’s post about the importance of poetry in her life, and how a particular poem helped her cope following the murder of her brother.

It was through his guest-posts from New Zealand that we first got to know Adak-born David Vann, our featured author in April 2009.

This week’s wonderful guest-post by poet Tom Sexton reminded me of another post by poet John Morgan about how he first started finding his voice as a “first semester” poet.

I could spend the whole morning fishing for favorite old posts, with a dash of eggnogg in my coffee and the fireplace at my back and NPR on the background. (Oops, getting a little too comfy here!) My point is: we love these featured author posts, and we’d love for you to consider being a guest-poster in 2011.

Here’s how it works: I’ll be assembling a roster over the next two weeks. Email me at by December 22 if you’re interested, with preferred month(s) if you have any. I’ll get back to you by the end of the month. Tell me just a little bit about you, including your genre or other bio basics in a sentence or two. If you’re selected, you’ll be responsible for four posts of about 800 words or less.

Please note that each time we put out the call, we get more authors than we can slot. We try to balance genres and make room for new voices and new potential topics — so if you’ve already guest-posted for us, please do apply again, but understand we may give preference to a few first-timers in the mix.

Also remember that if you don’t want to write four posts or sign up for an entire month in advance we encourage guest-posts at any time. Just email me ( or Deb ( with those occasional postings.

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