Deb: And now for a word from one of our instructors…

Wondering what to expect from a class called “Writer v. Grinch:  The Fine Art of Micro-Editing,” with instructor Cindy Dyson (And She Was)?  Dyson, pictured here in her best Grinch get-up, stopped by with a clarification that’s too good to leave buried in our comments section:

…I’m thigh deep in my yarn and macramé Christmas projects at the moment. I know what it’s like those last few days. But…

It [the course] will be fun. I promise.

This ain’t a lecture. This is about you, and your work.

Go to the Fifth Avenue Mall and buy your least favorite relative a bottle of perfume that smells like a regurgitated lump and costs way too much. Get a way-too-expensive scarf for your brother-in-law who’s done the family wrong. Then scarf down a meal at the Brew House and treat yourself to a riotous Raven Place time.

I’m bringing a box of bad wine and and an uncompromising belief in the power of the sentence, where idea meets character and plot and slams its foot into the soft goo of language.

Not a lecture. Not editing. Just a break from the buying spree to delve into the beauty of what you want to say.

I’m not a great writer. But I am pretty darn good at listening and understanding what a writer wants to do. At helping carve away the fat and sinew.

At least it won’t be boring.

Writer v. Grinch: The Fine Art of Micro-Editing meets on Wednesday, Dec. 22 from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at the 49 Alaska Writer Center Anchorage (aka Raven Place), 645 W. 3rd Ave.  The cost is $29 for members and $35 for non-members.  Online registration is easy, and Dyson is donating all proceeds to support the programs of 49 Writers.

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