Andromeda: The Eagle has landed …

… future Eagle scout, that is. Ted Sturgulewski, a 17-year-old aspiring writer (from a family of writers!) and Boy Scout is dedicating some of his summer hours to building bookshelves for our Raven Place Book Nook, where donated Alaska books will be on display for perusing and purchase by guesthouse visitors.

I was so charmed by Ted’s initiative over the holiday weekend, when he stopped by the new writing center to take measurements, that I couldn’t wait to post this photo. Being a Boy Scout, Ted arrived at the house about 15 minutes ahead of me, ready with his tape measure and planning/Eagle Scout service project binder. Made my day.

2 thoughts on “Andromeda: The Eagle has landed …”

  1. Andromeda et al: Congratulations on the new center — what a great achievement! We met last summer when I was up for the MFA residency. Will be teaching there again in July so do hope to see the house and you again. I think you were off to Italy last we talked.

    Best, Judith

  2. Lynn Lovegreen

    Bless you, Ted! Glad to know there's a young generation of writers ready to help out!:-)

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