Andromeda: Get ready for Sunday's online poetry discussion

I promised myself at the beginning of the month that I would try do something each January day to make the year feel truly new, and I’ve found that this “to-do” list has been more fun than my more sober and goal-oriented New Year’s resolutions, which are filled with more “don’ts” than “dos.” My “make it new” list combines serious and silly elements, everything from “buy myself flowers” to “sharpen a big pot of pencils” to “wear brighter colors” to “donate two more bags of clothes” to “read more poetry.”

That last one is a perennial resolution of mine — a small time commitment that I know would help me slow down and be more present in the world.

This morning, thanks to webmaster-savvy poet (and poetry organizer) Sandy Kleven, I had a chance to read some poems by Peggy Shumaker, Zack Rogow, and Vivian Prescott. Along with poet and editor Mike Burwell, these Alaskans will be both subjects and participants in the upcoming “With Poets in Winter” online discussion here, Sunday from 2 to 5 pm. This online event is a reprise of an invigorating poetry discussion last January.

Do you have a few minutes and a desire, in Ezra Pound’s words, to “make it new”? Then check out the website in advance (clickable logo also at right) and read some of our Alaska poets. Return here Sunday to ask questions from Peggy, our Writer Laureate; Vivian, who divides her time between Sitka and Puerto Rico, and is founder of an organization called “Raven’s Blanket” that is sponsoring a new poetry prize; Zack, who is not only a prolific poet, but also an award-winning translator; and Mike, who in addition to being a writer, teacher, and shipwreck researcher (!), is editor of the new literary journal “Cirque.”

Not available Sunday? No problem. Leave your advance questions here at this post as comments and Sandy will help include them in the live online conversation. On Sunday, the conversation itself will be in the form of comments under a new posting.

(If you’re confused about how to leave comments, now might be a good time to practice. To leave a comment, click on the “# comments” at the bottom of this post. You can use a Google account, which automatically posts your user picture, or you can choose the third option, where you simply type in your name, any name — and note, you do not need to type in a URL. The anonymous option works, too. Questions? Email

Thanks to all participants!

3 thoughts on “Andromeda: Get ready for Sunday's online poetry discussion”

  1. A question for Zack: I just read in a linguistics book that some people argue that literature (including poetry) is both unparaphraseable and untranslateable, since it's more about style than content. Obviously, we know many works ARE translated with pleasing results, but it's an interesting claim. How do you explain the challenge of translating and what has it taught you that in turn affects your other writings?

  2. I enjoyed reading the selections posted to whet our appetites, thanks!

    My question is a general one to any of the poets who care to answer: Although you each have your own style and subject matter, your word choice is superb. How do you find just the right word or line to convey your idea and emotion? I assume some of it is from your years of practice, but do you have any tips or techniques that night help fellow writers?

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