Andromeda: KBWC and Freshening Up The Blog, Part II

Part One: KBWC  
We can practically hear the wheels rubbing against the road as people drive down to Homer and Kachemak Bay for the upcoming conference. Got your trip food, your audiobooks, your buddies in the passenger or back seat? We hope you have a great time.

Do us a favor: first, consider reporting back to us the best of what you heard, did, or experienced. Second, please: in your conversations with old friends and new, remind people about our online 49 Writers community (unconnected writers are still out there!) and ask people what they think we could do to freshen up the blog and help it continue to be a resource for writers and readers. I know that Linda, our executive director will be at the conference, so find her and say hello. I (Andromeda) miss out on Kach Bay most years due to a crowded June schedule (that old MFA program, almost done) but I do love to hear about other people’s connections, epiphanies, and successes. I know at least two people, and maybe more, who are hoping to pitch project ideas to agents and editors. Good luck to you and any others sharing their work and their dreams at KBWC this week.

Part Two: Our ongoing conversation about freshening up the blog (started in a post last week).

Last week, Lynn pointed out that we need to remember the readers as well as the writers. I would love to hear from an active reader, librarian, busy book clubber or other person who would enjoy telling us about a book (or brief roundup of books) once a month–by Alaskans or about subjects of interest to Alaskans, preferably. No need for long reviews: maybe just a short blurb or some kind of roundup? Maybe a connection between a new book and an old favorite, with comparisons between the two? Is this person you, or can you suggest it to someone you know?

Last week also, Jenifer suggested that Facebook Group pages are good places to interact. As blogs age and people increase their comfort with commenting and quick sharing via FB, would it make sense to have a once-a-week posting that sparks a conversation, either playing off a blogpost that week or an ongoing craft issue of concern? Can we keep both the blog and such a FB active enough to make each one help the other? Any other ideas for how to do this without using up too much time?

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  1. Lynn Lovegreen

    Thanks Andromeda! I don't know if I'd go to a separate Facebook page, but I would respond if we did a blog post that invited discussion on the 49 Writers blog.

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