Andromeda: A new website to launch a new literary season of clinics, workshops, and classes!

The address is and we hope you’ll visit it often, especially as you slide from busy summer into what we hope will be an inspirational and productive fall.

Rather than explain from scratch, I’ll repeat here what the website explains in even more detail…

“We’ve had a lot of excitement since we launched the 49 Alaska Writing Center last spring, but this is truly the moment we’ve waited for: the unveiling of our first full autumn instructional term – on a new website no less. This is why we exist, this is why we’re here: to help Alaska writers at all stages of their development continue to grow, stretch, learn, meet each other, hone their craft, and try new forms and approaches.

Such as? How about FLASH FICTION, a 2-day intensive with Fairbanks author David Marusek, visiting Anchorage just to teach us that yes, it is possible to tell a story in 1,000 words. Not a fiction writer? Then we recommend ADVENTURES IN CREATIVE NONFICTION, an 8-week class with well-known essayist and author Bill Sherwonit.
Maybe you’re feeling stuck. Two recommendations: Sandra Kleven’s WORKING THE EDGE workshop, designed to inspire. Sandra is an artist as well as poet; she’ll help you use both sides of your brain as you write. Or Deb Vanasse’s REVISION INTENSIVE – just the thing you need to kick that old manuscript into shape. We know Deb, and she’ll make you work, while helping you see new possibilities in what you’ve already written.

Perhaps you feel your craft toolbox is in decent shape, but you need to fill the well of creativity with new ideas and images. Andromeda Romano-Lax’s MEMORY AS MUSE is designed to give you new content to work into your nonfiction or fiction efforts. You’ll also read and discuss some short, classic works.

Maybe you’re excited to try a class, but you want to start on a modest scale. Deb Vanasse’s one-day clinic, CRASH COURSE: CHARACTERS, fits the bill. Already have your magnum opus written? Then you’re more than ready for New York Times bestselling author Dana Stabenow’s PROMOTING YOUR BOOK IN YOUR PAJAMAS.

Discover more course description details and schedule under the tab “Writing Instruction/Fall 2010,” where you can register and pay easily online. You’ll also find lots of information under “About Our Programs.”

Finally – are you the early bird that every organization loves? Then we’d like to reward you. All early registrants who pay for courses in the month of August will be entered in a drawing. The prize: our new, not-yet-unveiled Raven logo tote bag. Perfect for bringing to your first class this fall. “

Thanks to wonderful web designer Rich Gannon of Front Range Web. If you’re looking for an author website, we wholeheartedly endorse him. You might notice that each time you refresh the site, the photo/quote changes. Most of those quotes were provided by blog readers, so thanks again!

We hope you’ll share any feedback about both the site and the launching of our fall instructional offerings. Please help us spread the word by Facebook, Twitter, email, and word of mouth.

3 thoughts on “Andromeda: A new website to launch a new literary season of clinics, workshops, and classes!”

  1. The site looks cool, and I'm excited about the workshops and classes. The hard part will be deciding which ones to take!
    One question: will this blog continue as an independent element, or be incorporated into the web site?

  2. Good question, Lynn – thanks for asking. This blog birthed the 49 Writing Center, making it a true grassroots, community effort. We plan to keep it alive, well, and growing – with links back and forth to the website, where we can park information about opportunities for Alaska writers and writing.

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