Andromeda: Raven Write-a-thon wrapup

Congrats, all you Raven Write-a-thon Writers, at least 44 strong, including some great Mears Middle Schoolers as well as former Alaskans — from as far as Alabama and Washington — who joined us in spirit.

You packed Snow City Cafe: writers, laptops and old-school notebooks everywhere! You wrote a lot of words: over 61,000 tallied, and those were just the ones we counted. You raised over $6,000 from 182+ donors. You did a little yoga (see photo below — no, the writers are not praying for ideas, just limbering up). You coped with insufficient outlets and occasional distractions, you revelled and laughed and imbibed, you met other new writers and discovered — as we all discovered — that former politico Ethan Berkowitz, rollergirl Shocker Khan, and improv guy Rich Capitan are really good at writing under pressure, and that judges Bruce Farnsworth, Sherry Simpson, and Maia Nolan are really wickedly funny people.

Good job! Are you tired? I am. Phew!

Will we do it again? If you’ll be there, we just might. Don’t forget to tell us what you liked or didn’t like, what you’d change or keep. We’ll try to get more of these photos up at our Facebook page. Anyone got a sample of writing (250 words or less) from April 8 to share? I’m extending the deadline to Monday in order to attract a few more before I post. Please send to

3 thoughts on “Andromeda: Raven Write-a-thon wrapup”

  1. Congrats on another roaring success and raising double your $$$ goal!! Too late at night for me, but I was there in spirit–look forward to the writing gems you are collecting for show-and-tell!

  2. Richard Carroll Sheehan

    I am listening to the audio version of "The Spanish Bow." Thank you.

    Did you complete the Middle East book?

    Are you doing any discovering?

    Are you playing the cello?

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