Andromeda: Share your write-a-thon stories and comments here

Afterparty interpretive judge Maia Nolan commenting upon Rich Capitan’s poem about the birth of a dolphin: “I’ve got two words for you: Kafka-esque.” I wish I could remember a lot more lines like that one from the Raven write-a-thon and afterparty, but right now my head is still reeling. Photos and a report will come soon. It’s your stories and comments we want here! And remember, through Wednesday night if you send me any sample (no more than 250 words or about one single-spaced page) to I will make it available here at the blog. If we get at least a handful, we’ll put up a People’s Choice poll and someone will walk away with a Title Wave Books gift certificate. Share a poem, share a page, share one lovingly crafted sentence. And as stated above, share your comments and memories, too.

Brief Sunday update, with more to come Wednesday: We raised over $5,400, with 40 participants fundraising via pledge pages and 180 individuals donating. Writers at the Snow City event wrote at least 61,000 words, and probably many more, since we did not tally them all. We had additional writers participating elsewhere and reports are rolling in from as far as Bellingham, WA (thanks Tele!) and Alabama (thanks Cindy!) as former Alaskans also spent the day writing, joining us in spirit.

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  1. OMG. I have been knocking my own singular head together to remember such lines. Where were the cameras? Next year, we must hire a film maker. Put it on YouTube. Who knew this group would be so wickedly, spontaneously, funny? As if they judge or write under pressure daily. Someone's work summarized as "post..," what? Someone will recall. Bruce's, deadpan, coming after the other judges comments, "I didn't understand it." Pieces written that move the genres into new space. Details, someone?! Genius, your name is Write-a-thon.

  2. So proud of you all! I was also wishing that there were cameras, perhaps a live-stream of writers hard at work. From my solitary Write-a-thon post in Washington, I found myself wishing for the community energy and someone to deliver delicious nibbles to my desk. I'd love to hear the stories from the inside – looking forward to it!

  3. "Post-audacious," I believe… that was a contribution from Professor Sherry Simpson, adjectiveologist at large. And thank you for the invitation — that was absolutely the most fun I've had in a long, long time! What a great event.

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