Andromeda: Special books for book lovers! Announcing our fall fundraiser (and calling for more donations)

Jodi Picoult is on board. So are Ayelet Waldman, Michael Chabon, and David Shields.

These four renowned Outside authors confirmed just yesterday that they are willing to donate signed books in support of our first fall fundraiser! They join dozens of talented and generous Alaska authors (Anne Coray, Rich Chiappone, and Dana Stabenow are just a few of the latest) who have donated books, either specifically for this new fundraiser or to the “Book Nook,” our ongoing collection of donated books, which we’ll be using to help feed this fall effort.

Here’s how the fall event is going to work. Beginning in November — just as thoughts are turning to the holidays — we’re going to be selling up to 50 raven-logo book-filled tote bags for $80 each (shipping included). Each of these lovely bags will arrive with a random assortment of four new, donated books — including signed books and the occasional rarity — plus some extra literary freebies thrown in. Buy a mystery bag, and keep all the contents or divvy them up to give away, and your holiday shopping will be halfway done!

So why I am telling you now? Three reasons.

One, we want you to be thinking about buying that great bag (or several of them); skip the malls and support your new writing center instead.

Two, if you are an author of fiction, nonfiction or poetry (and you haven’t donated already), we would love to have you donate one or more of your books. This November, we’ll proudly brag about you just as we’ve bragged about some of our other donors, above.

Three, if you’d like to go one step further — if you’d like to help us solicit donations (a simple email to folks you know or authors you wish you knew) then please contact me, Andromeda, at

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  1. Working for 49 Writers "committee," I'm excited to report that books have been promised by poets, Anne Caston, Derick Burleson, and Michael Burwell. Thanks!

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