Andromeda: The weather report

Where I’m supposed to be: AWP (writing) conference in Washington DC.

Where I am: Boston.

Weather: More drippy than blizzardy after all. Played airplane roulette and changed my flight but it looks like my original flight might not be cancelled after all.

Reminder to self: You’re always looking for more time to read and write. So keep reading and writing. Airports and hotel rooms are great.

Note to others: If you were –or are– heading to AWP, I hope you’re having more luck than I am so far!

If you have any of your own AWP news to share (more interesting than mine, without a doubt), please post away in the comments section.

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  1. Where to put this to pass the word: tweeted from Edward Champion via Laura Elkin
    "Good and great fiction is not written by beautiful people who feel successful. " Amanda Craig on experience and fiction

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