Andromeda/Your Turn: Alaska State Writer Nominations

This truly is your turn, and it’s a subject we’ll hope to visit more than once this month. What should we look for in our next Alaska State Writer? What pet projects do you wish a future Alaska State Writer would take on? Anything else you have to say on the subject? Nominations are open until August 31.

According to the Alaska State Council on the Arts (nomination form at their site, here), eligibility is open to Alaskan writers from all genres who, throughout their
careers, have demonstrated:

• literary excellence and mastery in style, form, and genre;

• exemplary professionalism and exceptional talent in published works;

• service to Alaskan communities and a commitment to the advancement of the
Literary Arts in Alaskan communities;

• a history of providing public presentations or teaching;

• a significant body of published work in Alaska.

And to refresh your memory, here are past state writers laureate.

State Writers Laureate
2010 – Peggy Shumaker
2008 –
Nancy Lord
2006 – John Straley
2004 – Jerah Chadwick
2002 – Anne
2000 – Richard Nelson
1995 – Tom Sexton
1988 – Joanne
1981 – Richard Dauenhauer
1977 – Sheila Nickerson
1973 – Ruben
1969 – John Haines
1965 – Oliver Everette
1963 – Margaret

Please share your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Andromeda/Your Turn: Alaska State Writer Nominations”

  1. FYI The nomination form is not opening on this site or the AKSCA website. It looks like it's going to open but then freezes up.

  2. Andromeda Romano-Lax

    I was able to open the pdf on my desktop computer and on my laptop — both ancient beasts. It may be a question of your computer or browswe. But if you've got a nomination to make, I'm sure the AK Council would love to hear from you! Maybe they could email you a nomination form.

    Thanks for alerting us to this difficulty and good luck getting access to a form on your end, Anonymous.

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