Andromeda/Your Turn: Your Holiday Wish List Reading: Alaska Book Suggestions

At this moment, I’m most likely on a long plane ride to MFA-land (Antioch University in Los Angeles), by way of Minnesota–my fellow Alaskans will relate to this sort of doglegging–and hopefully, enjoying some light reading. I’m still getting used to my Kindle, but one thing it does well is offer free reading samples. I’ve downloaded about a dozen first chapters, sort of a free buffet for the cheap bibliophile. I was happy to see that Hank Lentfer’s Faith of Cranes, subject of Bill Sherwonit’s Tuesday post, is available on Kindle, allowing me a quick early peek.

Faith of Cranes would be the newest Alaska book on my holiday wish list. What else are you planning to buy for others or hoping to receive yourself? Books for Christmas giving, books for Chanukah, books to get us through the shortest solstice day, books to make us better people for the new year. Chime in.

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  1. OK, my Alaska book for the holiday list is (no surprise) Hank Lentfer's "Faith of Cranes." Two others on my holiday wish/gift list are:
    David Gessner's "My Green Manifesto: Down the Charles River in Pursuit of a New Environmentalism" and "Journey of the Universe" by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker (part of a combined book and film project).

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