Talk about weather. We do it everywhere, especially in Alaska, where our weather is something of a novelty. Our seasons don’t jive with the tidy patterns learned in grade school. Winter begins early and ends late. Summer, fall, and spring sprint past in a blur.

Outside my window, an icicle has fallen into our latest blanket of snow. Each day it grows like a fat carrot, thickening like our winter, holding on. Down the street, a dozen mallards huddled beside an open spot in the pond, beaks tucked beneath their wings, blinking at the swirling snow. The next day they were gone, the open spot glazed with ice.

This winter, though odd weather-wise, has been the finest of the 29 I’ve spent in Alaska. There’ve been complaints about scant snow, snow too late, warming when it was supposed to be cold, cold when we thought it should be warm. I took my snow tires off too soon.

But every day was an adventure. No more waiting, longing, or planning my escape.

Weather changes. Finally I did, too, finding joy in what is, right now, and not concerning myself with what should be.

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  1. Has anyone heard anything about the launch of The Ski Channel? The last I heard it was suppose to launch in the Fall.

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