Republican speechwriter Matthew Scully is the Alaskan author of the day. I doubt he’s ever set foot in our state, but the text he prepared for Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s debut at the Party’s convention caught the attention of more Americans than perhaps the last decade of books written in and about Alaska.

Never mind that the speech was littered with errors, omissions, and sleight-of-hand. Alaska has not “begun a nearly forty billion dollar natural gas pipeline.” The legislature authorized the governor’s controversial AGIA plan, giving a Canadian company a license to explore the permitting process for a pipeline, with no obligation to actually build one. But facts, Schmacts. Loaded pickups are already gunning north to get rich on our state’s next boom.

Forget the $27 million in earmarks Sarah sought as mayor of Wasilla. Last night’s Sarah “ended the abuses of earmark spending by Congress.” Cut taxes in Alaska? Not much to cut when you consider that we have no state income or sales taxes to start with. And you’d think maybe they could have dropped the Bridge to Nowhere line after it came out that Sarah campaigned in favor of it.

But hey, when you’re on a roll, why bother with truth? Just criticize your opponent for rhetoric-charged speeches plying different lines with different audiences (the folks in Bridge-to-Nowhere Ketchikan have a lot to say about that). Irony, after all, is just one of those words liberals like to toss around. When they do, simply berate the press by charging that the only reason for their scrutiny is that you’re not “a member in good standing of the Washington elite.”

Most Alaskans interviewed by the press lauded the speech, saying that this was the Sarah they know and love. I agree – on the delivery. But Sarah hasn’t accomplished what she has in Alaska with the kind of divisive fear-mongering Scully wrote for her last night.

The best line, an apparently scripted aside addressed to conveniently placed hockey-mom banner wavers, was that the difference between hockey moms and pitbulls is lipstick.

We’ll have to get used to this new Sarah. Because even pitbulls know better than to bite the hand that feeds them.

2 thoughts on “AUTHOR OF THE DAY”

  1. Your blog reeks of sour grapes. I knew alot of people would not like her simply because she is so good looking and successful in her chosen career to make things better for society while still functioning as a mother of five children and a wife of 20+ years. Of course we’re not going to see the same ole’ Sarah Palin that represented Alaska because we are a small population of who she represents now. I did not hear any fear mongering in her speach, as you said…unless perhaps you are a liberal. She appears to be a ‘natural born leader’ as is McCain. Given their accomplishments and life experiences. Obviously, putting the people that have their trust in them first. Perhaps you should not take everything so literal….if I did, I would have to tell you that not all pitbulls know not to bite the hand that feeds them.

    By the way…..I’m no English Major but… might want to proof read your blogs for spelling errors before you hit the ‘enter’ button. Just a small word of advise. Take it or leave it. Have a nice day.

    Signed: ‘Realism 101’ look it up!

  2. Thanks for reading, Anonymous. Your points are well-taken. There is indeed room for people to be jealous of someone as accomplished as Palin. However, my commentary deals with the content of the speech, not Palin herself, and the position into which she has been thrust. As I’ve stated in other blogs, I like Sarah Palin. As for sour grapes, let me go on the record as saying I have absolutely no political ambitions.

    You are 100 percent right about pitbulls, as was sadly evidenced by the recent death of a six-year-old Anchorage child attacked by her family’s own pitbull.

    Anonymous, it appears that you know me well enough to rest assured that I’m not going to get petty and attack you for the grammatical and spelling errors in your comment. Genuine dialogue transcends all of that.

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