AVP 14: Vered Mares, Writers Block Bookstore and Cafe’

In 2018, Vered Mares and partners opened the Writer’s Block bookstore and café’ in Anchorage, Alaska. It quickly became a vital gathering space for writers and artists. Also since 2018, Katie Bausler has hosted this  49 Writers forum for exploration and discussion with writers and artists in these challenging and changing times.

We’ve reached a last straw in the struggle for justice for black people in this country. Add to that mass inequality magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s an artist, writer or activist to do? Writer’s Block co-owner Vered Mares and Active Voice host Katie Bausler discuss elevating the voices of black and brown writers. And Mares experience with racism and freedom of religion as a high school student in Denton, Texas, which led to a Supreme Court catalyst case in the early 1990’s.

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