The Final Writing the Distance Post: John Kooistra

For the past three months, 49 Writers members have posted creative work written in reaction to the Corvid 19 pandemic. Some writers lifted the mood with humor, others wrote honestly about fears or sadness at being separated from family or friends. Today, John Kooistra sends us home with a poem reminding us that life will continue long after the virus dies away.

While the 49 Writers board initially expected only a few pieces, we received almost one hundred – more submissions than we’re able to feature. We thank the contributing writers and the loyal blog readers, especially those who sent notes of thanks and encouragement. Keep writing and use Zoom and other virtual ways to strength Alaska’s writing community.


On This First Spring Day

Poem by John Kooistra
Photograph by Anita Stelcel

I sit in sunshine.
The earth is light,
sounds in no hurry
to go anywhere.
Snow melts from the roof.
My life is not over yet.

John Kooistra first came to Alaska in 1965 and has lived in Fairbanks since 1981. Major occupations have been teaching, commercial fishing and waiting for spring.


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  1. This series has been a delight, and something to look forward to while we have been sheltering in place. Thank you!

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