Back from the land of fake volcanoes…

Earlier this week, midnight in Las Vegas, standing in front of the enormous faux volcano in front of the Mirage Hotel, I realized … this is nuts! We have a real volcano back home, and here I am waiting to watch a fake volcano explode. But it was weird, wacky fun.

Having just flown back from a weeklong trip to Las Vegas (just passing through that magnificent, disturbing, bizarre place) and the Grand Canyon, I am late to post anything of substance today, and I see that a spammer has made unwelcome contributions to our comments. Will tackle that first and catch up with ongoing conversations here asap!

1 thought on “Back from the land of fake volcanoes…”

  1. It’s better to see a fake volcano explosion, than a real one. Volcanos are spectacular, that’s why people try to recreate them, because such a business will be successful.

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