A little time at the beach, and I’m wondering if there are Alaskan equivalents of the beach read. Or does Alaska not lend itself to that type of reading?

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  1. Andromeda Romano-Lax

    My favorite beach read is “Where the Sea Breaks Its Back” by Corey Ford, about the expedition of Georg Steller, the naturalist who served in Vitus Bering’s 1741-1742 Alaska expedition. This is a COLD beach read, with tales of scurvy, shipwreck, and the first science conducted by a European on Alaska’s shores (at Kayak Island, to be exact). I enjoyed reading it years ago while staying on a remote stretch of beach on a wave-lashed island in Prince William Sound.

    Glad you’re enjoying some Hawaii heat, Deb! Plenty of snow waiting here for your return…

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