Best of the Blog 2012 Winner: Kathleen Tarr

The final tally was close, and we have our Best of the Blog 2012 winner: Kathleen Tarr, who received 234 votes or 43% of the total 540 votes cast. Vivian Faith Prescott was a close runner-up, with 212 votes.

Thanks to all of you who helped us recognize the contributions of all of our 2012 guest bloggers by casting votes and visiting archived posts in significant numbers this month. We are thrilled with the contributions that our wide-ranging community makes to this blog and hope this little contest inspires you to submit a guest-post in 2013.

Kathleen Tarr will receive a bookstore gift certificate to an independent bookstore or online retailer of her choice.

To read some of Kathleen’s most-visited posts, including but not limited to several she wrote on the subject of spiritual writing last fall, click here. Looking back at her contributions to 49 Writers, we were also reminded of a post she wrote back in 2009, following the Kachemak Bay Writers Conferences, about writing book proposals and discovering the heart of a book-in-progress. We’re republishing that post below.

And now, a cheers to our lineup of featured authors for 2013. Some of these bloggers are cherished 49 Writers regulars, some of them are Alaskans coming out with new books next year. We look forward to all of your thought-provoking contributions.

Our 2013 Featured Authors Lineup

Jo-Ann Mapson
Christine Byl
Cinthia Ritchie
Emily Wall
Eva Saulitis
Erin Hollowell
Stephanie Thornton
Don Rearden   
Mei Mei Evans
Amy O’Neill Houck
Sara Loewen
Bill Streever

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  1. Congratulations, Kathy! You are a great writer! I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. Write on!

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