Blessed are the list-makers

Here are just a few links of other people’s 100-book, 5-year lists. I know there are more out there. Emily Cross has hinted she might be willing to organize this on its own site — I hope so!
Amanda’s list (I like how she broke down the stats)
Moonrat’s list (the one that started it all)
J.C. Montgomery’s list
Aerin’s list
Freddie’s list
Megan’s list
Vasilly’s list
Iasa’s list (fewer dead white guys on this list — lots of good ideas for folks tired of the most known classics).

And more list-makers (I’m adding these as people comment or otherwise notify me)
Stephanie’s list
Briony’s list
Kate’s list

There are more, as I said, but these were the easiest to snag — just to inspire any other folks out there who are thinking of spending a few days list-making. And even if this thread is a little old, don’t be shy about adding your own link address in the comments — I’ll continue to update until someone picks up this little project and does something grand with it.

Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of these lists are by women? Are we more ambitious readers? Or just more ambitious list-makers? You tell me.

UPDATE: Oh joy. The “grander scheme” has emerged. Emily Cross has designed an official “Project Fill in the Gaps” mini blogsite that will track all these lists in one place. If you’re a listmaker, go there to join the fun. Or if you’re just looking for a classic to read, you might find some ideas and inspiration as future posts get added.

6 thoughts on “Blessed are the list-makers”

  1. Hi! Thanks for including a link to my blog. I honestly got the idea for the stats from Moonrat, so I have to give her credit for that. Thanks for starting all this!

  2. dude. YOUR list was the one that started it all.

    but yeah, let’s keep the peer pressure on emily 🙂

  3. You guys have inspired me – I’ve got my list up and I’ve started with Moby Dick (which is proving to be tougher than I thought!)

  4. Hi, Andromeda! I just wanted you to know I included The Spanish Bow on my list!! I’m looking forward to the project.

    My List

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