Bob Holman – The Man, The Myth, The Legend – or a really amazing guy who knows a bunch about poetry and endangered languages

Let me tell you a little about Bob Holman. He’s been kicking
around Alaska for almost a month now, and I had the great good fortune to cross
paths with him in Homer at the Bunnell Arts Center. Many of you may have already had a chance to hang out with him, but if you haven’t, he’s going to be in
Anchorage at the Great Harvest Bread Co. on October 15 for a Reading and Craft
Equal parts spoken word performer, professor, impresario,
activist, proprietor of the Bowery Poetry Club, filmmaker and host of Language Matters, a two-hour PBS special
on Endangered Languages, to Bob Holman it’s all just part of the job. He’s a
poet. From Slam to Hiphop, from performance to spoken word, Bob’s been a
central figure in redefining poetry in the US as existing on, off, and beyond
the page. I’ve got tell you, Bob doesn’t just read a poem, he embodies it.
Author of 16 poetry collections, most recently Sing This One Back to Me (2013) from
Coffee House Press, Bob has been dubbed a member of the “Poetry
Pantheon” by the New York Times
. He’s been featured in a Henry Louis Gates, Jr. profile in The New Yorker. He’s been crowned
“Ringmaster of the Spoken Word” (New
York Daily News
), “Poetry Czar” (Village Voice), and “Dean of the Scene” (Seventeen).
As an arts administrator, Bob’s served as coordinator and
readings curator at St. Mark’s Poetry Project, original Slammaster and a
director of the Nuyorican Poets Café, as well as founder and proprietor of the
Bowery Poetry Club. His study of Hiphop and West African Oral Traditions led to
his current work with Endangered Languages—he is a co-founder and co-director
of the Endangered Language Alliance.
After he leaves Alaska, Bob will head back to the east coast
then bounce back around to California and then to India following the trail of the
Beat Poets. So, make sure you catch him at the Great Harvest Bread Co. at 7pm
on Thursday, October 15. He’s going to blow you out of the water with his
amazing poetry and a talk he’s entitled: Bob
Holman Answers All Your Questions About Orality, Endangered Languages, and the
Mediaization of Poetry
Learn more about Bob at his website:
And have a fabulous week. Write a lot and when you get a
chance, drop us a line and tell us about it.
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  1. Wow – sounds fantastic. I'll have to check if he's coming to my town. Sounds like lots of fun – No "boring poetry reading" here! (just for the record that's a nod to a great post a while back by Nicole Stellon O'Donnell).I hope I spelled her name right.

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