Book Club Nominations

It’s time once again to choose a book for the 49 Writers online book club discussion. Here’s how it works: we take nominations through your comments, then poll to select a book. Those who choose to participate have approximately one month to read the book so they can join in an online discussion; this time, we’re looking at a discussion toward the end of September. Our previous discussions have been weekend events, but we may shake things up and have a Monday-Tuesday discussion period on September 28 and 29.

To refresh your memories, we’ve already read and discussed John Straley’s The Big Both Ways, Seth Kantner’s Ordinary Wolves, and Miranda Weiss’s Tide, Feather, Snow. Books nominated in the past can be nominated again; these include And She Was, Being Caribou, Firecracker Boys, and Raising Ourselves. Nominated titles should either be written by Northern authors or set in the North.

To nominate a book for discussion, leave a comment below. You don’t have to justify or explain a nomination unless you want to; just leave the title. You know the drill: click the button that says (number) comments below, write your comment in the box, type the silly-looking spam control letters, choose an identity (anonymous is fine), and wait for confirmation that your comment has been posted. Easy enough. We’ll gather up the nominations next Monday morning, August 24, and set up a poll so readers can choose their favorite from among the nominated titles.

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