Home Again

It was a great trip – my “whirlwind tour of the Midwest.” There were great stops along the way, and lots of visits with family and friends. Of blog-worthy note, I saw Into the Wild in Tacoma. It’s a beautiful film. I don’t know about the rest of the viewers, but the four of us …

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Into the Wild

It would be un-Alaskan not to weigh in on Sean Penn’s well-hyped film Into the Wild based on Jon Krakauer’s exploration of what went right and wrong with the soul-searching of Christopher McCandless back in 1992. I’ll start with a disclaimer – ten years have passed since I read the book, and except for a …

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Alaska Writes

Amazing writers live in Alaska. That is not hyperbole. Alaska is a long way from the nation’s pub hub, but maybe that’s a plus. We know what’s bigger than us, what’s meaner than us, and most of all, what really matters.We’ve got our flaws, like everyone else. We’re embarrassed that our state’s entire congressional delegation …

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