Confessing Geekdom

In her final post for June (loved them all!), featured author Dana Stabenow comes clean on a geeky little secret.

I love good science fiction with a consuming passion.

I loved Star Trek. TNG, I mean, not TOS. Kirk blows, Picard rocks, game over. I didn’t hate DS9 after the war with the Dominion started, Voyager worked after Seven came on board, and Q has all the best lines whatever quadrant he’s in.

I loved Babylon 5. G’kar and Londo’s relationship is one of the all-time best love stories ever written, I am still deeply in lust with Garibaldi, and the Shadow story arc that lasted the life of the show was genius. I actually wept when Sheridan went into the light, and I hatedhatedhated it when Boxleitner took over for O’Hare. If I ever meet J. Michael Straczynski in person, I will kiss him on the lips. There are also some very good B5 books by Peter David.

Now I’m wallowing in the slough of despond becauseBattlestar Galactica is over. BSG, one of the best shows in any genre ever on television. For one thing, my god, the cast! The gravitas Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, Michael Hogan, Katee Sackoff and the rest bring to their roles is devastatingly convincing. For another thing, the writing! If I ever write a whole book as good as just one episode of this show (“Occupation” — “Take your time,” Starbuck says, and cuts her steak with hands still wet from the blood of the Leoben she’s just slain. Shriek!) I will die a happy woman. I even listened to the Galactica Watercooler podcast.

I read sf, too. Over the years I’ve been slowly collecting all my favorite Heinleins in hardcover (not firsts, can’t afford ‘em, but the Scribner, Tor and Ace reprints), and lately I’ve been advocating the work of Steven Gould like it was my own. (Don’t let Jumper the movie turn you off to Jumper the book, which is superb. Gould has given a lot of thought to what it would be like to teleport.)

So that’s it, that’s my dirty little secret. I’m a geek.

Can I be a geek if I’m a girl?

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  1. Andromeda Romano-Lax

    Here's to you from another Battlestar Galactica fan who is grateful to Netflix (without which I never would have discovered BG). So much story and characterization per episode — it's pretty amazing.

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