Endure Part II

Oh, irony of ironies. After talking about the endurance needed in order to write and be published, I spent today reading an article that makes everything look even darker than I thought. (Note, if you’re not interested in publishing economics, stop reading; I promise a return to the subject of Alaska books next week.) Somehow, I missed this New York magazine article from September called “The End.” It’s a long piece, summarizing the economic meltdown in publishing, the uncertain future, the demise of big advances (or perhaps any kind of advances), problems with chains and Amazon and the Kindle reader — all that good stuff. Read it and weep. As for me, I have this funny way of feeling almost morbidly serene when the merde hits the fan. At least you know where you stand — and why there’s a strange smell in the air.


Anyone else think we should be writing screenplays on the side?

2 thoughts on “Endure Part II”

  1. Hi Andromeda,

    Saw your post over at Moonrat’s blog. Anyway, I share your pain and am trying not to think about the dismal bookish forecast as we enter the holidays.

    On an upbeat note: I saw your book cover or heard about your sale–was it on Absolute Write? Anyway, congrats! The cover looks lovely.

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