Faces of 49 Writers: Board President Don Rearden

49 Writers Board President Don Rearden
will be featured in a free 49 Writers Reading and
Craft talk Dec. 8 at 7 pm Cafe Felix at Metro Books

Why 49 Writers? 

A couple years ago, if you asked me about the literary community of Alaska I would have answered with my own question, “What community?”

Don’t get me wrong, there was no shortage of literary talent in Alaska. What was missing was community. Either that or I just hadn’t arrived as a writer yet and received my skeleton key or learned the secret handshake. We all know writing is itself a solitary and — at times — even a lonely endeavor. Writers by nature aren’t the most gregarious of creatures. Heck, some of us even don’t like our own species. 

Still, we do, if I may be so bold to suggest, actually want to be around other writers, if only to be around someone who understands irony beyond Alanis Morissette’s definition involving the desire for a knife when you’ve got several thousand spoons at your disposal.

While I’ve never even possessed more than twenty or so spoons at a given time, and perhaps a spork or two, I did jump at the opportunity to help start this cool little non-profit called the 49 Writers. I signed on as a member and later as a board of directors member because I wanted to be a part of something that sounded pretty amazing. I had no idea.

In just a few years I have made friendships that will ensure some one writes something powerful and/or funny at my wake, hopefully many many winters from now.  I have forged connections with famous authors, not so famous authors, future authors, and more importantly cool Alaskan writers I can ski with,  talk shop over coffee, or just borrow a knife should the need arise.

We’re teaching young writers. We’re supporting working writers. We’re building a writing community, and not just here in Anchorage, but across the 49th State.  There are more than forty-nine of us, too, and I hope you’ll want to join our ranks and become a part of this. Sign up and become a member! Or if you’re like me and behind on your membership dues, then join with me and renew today.

Don Rearden doesn’t really need to borrow a knife. He’s being sarcastic. He recently renewed his membership in hopes we’d teach him the secret handshake.

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  1. Hi Don. That song always bothered me too. Thanks for the introduction, and I look forward to seeing you in person at your reading and craft talk.

  2. Thanks, Lynn! See you there. I'm sure I'll say something profound, inane, or just outright absurd. If not I'll give refunds on the admission fee.

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