Giving Yourself Permission to Write

It’s a gift, isn’t it? This chance we have to interact with our
world in words. This chance to build connections between people, between
cultures, between those mountains and this shoreline, between the moment when
the trees are bare and the moment when the snow begins to fall.
Saying It
Saying it. Trying
to say it. Not
to answer to
logic, but leaving
our very lives open
to how we have
to hear ourselves
say what we mean.
Not merely to
know, all told,
our far neighbors;
or here, beside
us now, the stranger
we sleep next to.
Not to get it said
and be done, but to
say the feeling, its
present shape, to
let words lend it
dimension: to name
the pain to confirm
how it may be borne:
through what in
ourselves we dream
to give voice to,
to find some word for
how we bear our lives.
Daily, as we are daily
wed, we say the world
is a wedding for which,
as we are constantly
finding, the ceremony
has not yet been found.
What wine? What bread?
What language sung?
We wake, at night, to
imagine, and again wake
at dawn to begin: to let
the intervals speak
for themselves, to
listen to how they
feel, to give pause
to what we’re about:
to relate ourselves,
over and over; in
time beyond time
to speak some measure
of how we hear the music:
today if ever to
say the joy of trying
to say the joy.
          by Philip Booth, from Lifelines
Get out there and write this week. Make sure you add your
voice, make connections, go ahead. Give yourself permission.
take care,

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