A Harper Lee Christmas story for writers

Happy Holidays, 49 Writers friends! This is a re-run from Dec. 23 of last year — the most appropriate Christmas greeting I could think of. Please feel free to share your holiday greetings with others in the comments.

Original post:

A few months ago, I was looking up some detail about Harper Lee’s life when I stumbled across a link to a short essay she wrote about a particularly touching Christmas gift she received from her closest friends, a couple living in Manhattan.

In our family we celebrate Chanukah, which just ended, and I’m not usually the type to look for holiday-specific items to post, but this story moved me — and I think it would move any writer imagining the best possible gift one could receive at this or any time of the year.

The author of To Kill a Mockingbird published this piece, “Christmas to Me,” in McCalls Magazine in 1961.

Rather than ruin the story for you by publishing just a paragraph or two, or risk infringing on someone’s copyright, I send you to one of the few places I could find that has the entire (very short) essay online, here…

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  1. Beautiful, made me cry the second time too!
    And happy holidays to everyone in the 49 Writers family. I have enjoyed the blog and the events I've been to, and this group has become an important part of my writing life. Best wishes for 2011.

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