Help me interview our new Alaska State Writer…

She’s Nancy Lord, and already at the helm. She’ll also be writing a monthly guest-post for this blog, beginning next month.

But before then: I’d like her featured here, and I’d also like some help coming up with creative, interesting questions. Here’s your chance to play the reporter. Make a question-suggestion this week by leaving a comment. I’ll use as many of them as I can, and I’ll reward the best one with a $20 Title Wave Books gift certificate — thanks again Title Wave! You’re the best! — that can be used for credit (mostly used book) purchases.

2 thoughts on “Help me interview our new Alaska State Writer…”

  1. Can you comment on the relationship between your political and creative activities? Does your activism as a conservationist and environmentalist and your efforts as a creative writer support one another, or do those dual roles demand distinctly different modes of thought and attention? Maybe they’re two sides of one coin?

    Looking forward to ˆRock, Water, Wildˆ.

  2. Andromeda Romano-Lax

    Great question, Jeremy, and you get the Title Wave gift certificate. Email me about pickup options!

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