Eleven percent of Alaskans function at the lowest level of literacy, according to the National Institute for Literacy. Sad to say, it appears our governor may be among them. The same woman who claims to read everything put in front of her reportedly hasn’t bothered to read the 263-page report on her Troopergate misdeeds.

And her comprehension is so low that when informed of Finding 1, in which independent investigator Steve Branchflower says, “I find that Governor Sarah Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.100(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act,” Sarah maintains that she has done nothing illegal and has been completely vindicated by the report’s findings.

Forget No Child Left Behind. We need No Governor Left Behind.

Eighty-nine percent of us do read. We do comprehend. And we’re insulted to be treated as if we don’t.

2 thoughts on “ILLITERATE ALASKA?”

  1. Since you are a children’s book author why don’t you give the Palin bashing a rest and give us a book review on Megan McCain’s new children’s book,”MY DAD”? Just a thought.

  2. Welcome back, Not-so-Anonymous. At Alaskan Authors, I focus primarily on issues of reading, writing and thought that involve Alaskans. In addition, I’m not a big fan of children’s books penned by “celebrity authors.” But I’m sure a Google search will lead you to many fine review of your candidate’s daughter’s venture into children’s books.

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