In his first post for the Anchorage Daily News online, new Alaska Voices blogger Bill Sherwonit reveals a fact that surprised me, even though I’ve known the Anchorage nature writer for well over a decade. Sherwonit says that up until his 40th birthday, he’d never imagined writing a book. Now he has 11 (with a 12th on the way) to his name. That’s inspiring.

Proving again that an old dog can learn new tricks, Sherwonit — who’d probably rather be hiking the Chugach than embedding links — is entering the blogosphere to champion the causes (both literary and environmental) that don’t get as much newsprint in these dwindling-ADN days.

In his first post, he mentioned he reads few other blogs regularly, except one: 49 writers.

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  1. Great to hear there’s another Alaska Voice out there in cyberspace, and glad to know we made the regular reads list.

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