Introducing Ned Rozell, our August featured author

Hey. Ned here. Good to meet you.

I’ve hit this blog many times since it was born, and I’m glad for the chance to plant some words into it. First, an intro:

I earn all my money from writing. I’m a half-time science writer for the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and have for 15 years written a weekly column for Alaska newspapers and any web venue that wants to host it. Since 2001, I’ve had a steady gig with Alaska magazine, first as an adventure writer, now as a natural history writer (there have been less wilderness adventures since my daughter was born).

I’m probably not a typical reader of this blog. For one thing, I don’t read many books. Sorry, I probably haven’t read yours. Most of my reading is on a computer screen. I read every word this guy writes.

I don’t like writer events, conferences or book signings, though I have enjoyed the camaraderie this blog provides. I think Sarah Palin did a good job as governor and think writing a bio of her family would be a blast. But I never got that email.

I’m an author with three books on the shelves, the last one—gasp—self-published. That experience in this ever-changin’ world will be the subject of my August posts. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Ned Rozell, our August featured author”

  1. Welcome, Ned. We're glad to have you aboard, especially since you describe yourself as "not a typical reader" of the blog. Bring on the diversity!

  2. Howdy Ned. Good to hear from a fellow Fairbanksan, even though I now live down in the Anchorage Sun-Belt. Looking forward to reading you.

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