January online book club: poetry!

In response to some reader requests, we are doing something a little different with our next online book club: we are reading Alaska poetry

In line with our ongoing aim to introduce Alaska writers to our readership, we have asked local poet Sandra Kleven to be moderator (with Andromeda assisting — and plenty of you, we hope, jumping in with comments). The tentative date is January 7; time and specifics of poems to be covered will be announced soon. We’ll try to post some of the poems directly here so that anyone dropping in will be able to participate easily. We’ll also hear more about Kleven’s own activities, including her current work on a short film. Stay tuned.

And a poetry P.S.: Did any of you attend the Alaska Writers Guild Poetry Slam last night? If so, send a short report and/or photos to lax@alaska.net.

2 thoughts on “January online book club: poetry!”

  1. Hooray, poetry! I'll be sure to check in next month. Will we read many different poets or only a few? How will you choose which ones?

  2. Andromeda Romano-Lax

    We started with a short list of poets, but in the end, we're letting Sandra Kleven pull together the poems (probably representing two different AK poets) that she'd like to discuss.

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