A couple of postcards make up my body of work for the past couple of days, but I did cart Writer magazine to my poolside perch, where I read NBA finalist Anne Spollen’s article “A lone wolf meets the pack.”

In writing about how she eschews writers’ groups, I suspect Spollen channeled the thoughts of a fair number of Alaskan writers. A lot of us are lone wolves by nature if not circumstance. Support – no thanks. We’ll tough it out.

Like Spollen, I’m not interested in rah-rah groups. And while I love a good critique, I’d rather swallow the cold, hard truth about my WIP from a writing friend who knows my thick skin and like me, wants my work to be my best. Still, interaction with creative, focused writers energizes my work.

As we plan for next year, Andromeda and I hope our blog will give writers the best of all worlds – no-strings camaraderie and a platform for promoting our work, a place for lone wolves to howl together when they feel like it.

2 thoughts on “LONE WOLVES”

  1. Acronyms – NBA? National Basketball Association doesn’t make sense here. And WIP? Work In Progress?



  2. National Book Award. I haven’t read her, but I like what she said here. And yes, Work in Progress. Of which I have far too many.

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