Lorena Knapp on Getting Uncomfortable

I had my own rants and rambles to share this week, but nothing as good as this 18-minute TedX talk , Get Uncomfortable: Living in the Yellow by our own Lorena Knapp, 49Writers frequent volunteer, helicopter novelist, and writer. Her message hit me in the just the right place this week. I recommend a few Kleenex. Congrats to her for her bravery in becoming a TedX speaker.

2 thoughts on “Lorena Knapp on Getting Uncomfortable”

  1. Lorena, thank you for putting yourself out there, and for your inspirational reminder that we need to seek out those discomfort zones. Life is fleeting.

  2. Excellent in every way.
    Thank you so very much, Lorena.
    This is how the world gets beautiful.

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